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Venomous snake handling course

Want a job doing something your passionate about? Become a qualified reptile handler. Our venomous snake handling course will give you the start you need. Conducted at the reptile park by trainers Chris Hay and Lucas Cheyne who have 60 years combined knowledge to pass on and one of the world’s largest Elapid collection to play with. It is a perfect venue with access to a huge number of species allowing us to create an array of capture scenarios. This extremely comprehensive course teaches a wide range of techniques for snake handling and husbandry including tailing, bagging, head restraint, milking, identification, first-aid, toxicology, snakes defensive responses, sexing housing, diseases, administering medications and more. There is a one or a two day option with all graduating students receiving certificates, references (statutory declaration) and snake kite first aid kit. Course also includes free entry to Queensland’s largest reptile display, morning tea plus lunch and drinks.  One day course- $300  two day course- $500